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Aspects of the Dean's Ministry

  • To provide leadership in the deanery in the implementation of the archdiocesan vision and priorities promulgated by the Archbishop following the Synod.

  • To facilitate communication between the Archdiocese and parishes through regular meetings with the Archbishop, other Deans and the Bishop in the Region.

  • To act on behalf of the Archbishop in specific circumstances and in collaboration with others, eg by. being present at celebrations, openings, assisting in the resolution of occasional leadership and staffing crises, assisting in resolving conflict, and on being present at ecumenical occasions. To facilitate networking among the pastors and lay ministers within the deanery.

  • To establish ways of connecting with and offering support to clergy who are ill and who are in need of care within the deanery.

  • To work within the deanery to actively encourage the implementation of the Archdiocesan initiatives.

  • To facilitate the formation of a Deanery Pastoral Council or deanery project body that would oversee the joint pastoral initiatives between the parishes of the deanery to support archdiocesan vision and priorities.

  • To oversee through formulation and review of a pastoral plan for the deanery.

  • To encourage the formation of people who work within the deanery.

  • To be contribute to the appointment processes of Pastors and Lay Pastoral Directors within the Deanery, in accordance with the clergy appointments process

  • To have regular communication about deanery matters with the Bishop in the Region

  • To coordinate a deanery process to determine the best use of annual diocesan grants for deanery based projects to support the implementation of Synod priorities.